“What are you welcoming? What is welcoming you?”



“Glory be to Allah! What are you welcoming?! What is welcoming you?!” Thrice the Holy Prophet repeats these words that evoke excitement and expectation, to be heard by the people on the onset of the Holy Month of Ramadan… For sure the Prophet (Peace be upon him and his Household) wanted by this unfamiliar repetition and with this mood to awake the hearts of Muslims and not only their ears. He wanted to motivate their minds and arouse their spirits to get ready and prepare seriously for a  very important and solemn event – welcoming and receiving the best among months and the best among nights, days, and hours to Allah Al Mighty – a reception and a welcome that suits the month’s exceptional status among the other months as Allah Al Mighty wished to make it the most precious and guaranteed opportunity for the Muslim man to ascend the means to secure the content of Allah Al Mighty and to build his superior faithful and humanistic personality.

No doubt this Holy Month deserves all this care and all of this assertion and insistence on behalf of the Prophet of Mercy (Peace be upon him and his Household) on believers to exert efforts and prepare themselves to benefit ultimately from the blessings and benedictions of this Holy Month … this month which is described by the Master of Prophets (PBUHH) as: “A month in which you are invited to the hospitality of Allah and are treated as the people of His dignity”.  It is a month in which Imam Sajjad (Peace be upon him) addresses His Lord in it by saying: “You favored us with it over the rest of nations, you chose us by virtue of this month over all other sects… It is the month of fasting, the month of Islam, the month of cleanliness, the month of purification, the month of night prayers”. To highlight the greatness and uniqueness of this Holy Month and underscore the great awards and generosities Allah Al Mighty had prepared for His slaves who commemorate it with obediently performing good deeds and evading the forbidden, the Holy Prophet (PBUHH) says: “If the slave knows the blessings of Ramadan, he would have wished Ramadan lasts for the whole year”.

Should the Month of Ramadan with its pure faithful atmosphere be a spacious square for the refinement and ascend of the truly fasting person, it also has the greatest and most influential effect on orienting the fasting society and raising it on the values of virtue, harmony, and honesty and on rejecting corruption, mustering power, and cooperating to fulfill the rights and the required needs of its various sections and groups. All of this eventually leads to what guards the unity of the nation and its entity besides strengthening its might and firmness in confronting the diversified risks and targets. Contrary to the care the aware believers show to abide by what guards the sanctity of this month and its holiness against the transgressions that offends it significance, the fluctuating hesitant people carry on fabricating and spreading offensive habits and behaviors and loathsome phenomena that contradict with the message of fasting and its solemn goals.

In this framework come the pleasure-seeking meetings and gatherings and the following of many people of corrupt and immoral TV programs which are promoted by the fraudulent exploitive media under deluding Ramadani topics. Moreover, the aspects of squandering and extravagance noticed in so called Ramadani Iftar dinner tables which are followed by throwing large amounts of food in the garbage are among the worst insults in this perspective.

At a time the states which care for the wealth of its peoples and their rights and dignity incriminate and strictly punish everyone who is arrested flagrante delicto pursuant to the enforceable law, this detestable phenomenon is widely prevalent in our Arab and Islamic communities. It was announced recently that two rich Arab countries are on top of the list of world states that squander food by throwing it in the garbage – that is enough to fully feed several poor countries that suffer from need and deprivation. This and other kinds of squandering and superfluous wasting take place when Islam announces via the Holy Prophet (PBUHH) that one of the wisdom of the obligation of fasting is “that Allah Al Mighty wants to equate among His creations so that the rich feel the pain of hunger so that they would sympathize with the weak” and not to despise and scorn them.

All of this forms a motive and a reason for the loyal believers who care for the pure image of Islam and the integrity and eminence of our communities exert greater efforts to guide, adjust, and effectively correct…

The Prophet of Allah (PBUHH) says: “Fasting leads to wisdom, wisdom leads to knowledge, and knowledge leads to certitude”.   

With our true felicitations for the Holy Month, we pray for Allah Al Mighty to accept the obedient deeds and firmly settle us on the path of rightfulness, justice, and reform.

Noor Al Islam