Man and the Loathsome Instincts



Once again the holy months draw near with all the values they carry as per the holiness of man and spreading security and serenity as well as the reign of self-control and wisely governing the loathsome instincts. These months would bind even the people who lived before Islam in the era of the blind, despicable ignorance to step out of their ignorance and mentality which is based on aggression and evil, invasion and revenge; as such the son of the victim would meet the killer without the former causing the latter any harm as an act of observing the holiness of these months.

As that era, those who had vile goals needed to trim edges and to skirt the law to breach this sanctity and practice their aggression in the holy months. They fabricated postponing (of restriction within sacred months). Allah Al Mighty had condemned this sinuous practice in His Holy Book, saying: {indeed, the postponing is an increase in disbelief by which those who have disbelieved are led further astray. They deem it lawful one year and unlawful another year to correspond to the number made unlawful by Allah and thus make lawful what Allah made unlawful. The evil of their deeds seems pleasing to them. And Allah guides not the people, who disbelieve}

However, what is heart-rending weird is that after emerging from the darkness of ignorance to the light of Islam, this nation was afflicted by the revolt of the blind ignorance over the Islamic Sharia and a clique ruled over dragging the nation downward to

bottoms meanerthan those of Ignorance. Now violating the holy months does not require the trick of postponing. The sanctity of these months is being violated blatantly: men were intrigued to murder the sweet basil and dear Grandson of the Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon him and his Household) in the secure Haram of Mecca during the Hajj season. Thus he was forced to change his intention from performing Hajj to performing Omra only, and he left Mecca on Tarwiyeh Day to preserve the sanctity of the month, the country, and the Holy Shrine.

Furthermore, a treacherous war was waged against his envoy to Kufa on Arafa Day, and he was killed after being imprisoned and his body was mutilated.

This clique moreover, set free the political prisoners such as Maitham Attammar on Dhul Hijja 22nd only to execute an oppressive sentence to kill and crucify them and mutilate their bodies. This, in fact, is the worst of the three violations, for should the first two violations be justified by the necessities of war and struggle, what is the need to violate the Holy month by executing a prisoner who had been years in detention?!

Since then the nation is getting worse stepping out from most of its noble concepts and lenient teachings. No shrine, no month, and no values are being deemed holy.  Things went even worse with civilization invading our societies turning aggression from a necessity practiced by the aggressor even if to loot and to satiate greed to a  hobby perpetrated absurdly without making any gains – a loathsome brutality disdained even by beasts…. And man falls bloodstained for a traffic signal priority, for a parking lot, or even in a trivial skirmish between opponent football teams’ fans during the world cup events.

A terrible decline in the value of man in our countries comes as a result of the absence of religious deterrents, the disappearance of the social censure power, and the lack of law in a nation with a people deserted amid a sea of worrying obsessions: security, livelihood, health, services…. That is in addition to a poisoned media which charge this people daily with overdoses of violence, instincts, and perversion to empty this people from any human contents.

Where to are we going?

How will we move on if the track remained at this very path?

When will the concerned ones awake to save the boat before it drowns with all onboard?

These questions are waiting to be answers? But alas, no one is responding.

                                                                             Noor Al Islam