The Blessed Husseini Uprising: The Compass’ Right Direction



Perhaps we would not find a landmark event in the history of Islam, that had a reverberating effect at the time it took place and echoing repercussions resounding forcefully all through the ages and generations and are still, as the great Husseini uprising.

It is that exceptional revolution in the entire human history that was characterized by the rich preludes of its spiritual and intellectual depth and exemplary jihadi experiences and its incidents and course that represent the peak of courage, heroism, and sacrifices for the sake of Allah and its consequences and interactions which – though were tragic and bitter on the hearts of believers – shook the thrones of the tyrants and the corrupt. It formed afterwards a landmark and a milestone to discriminate between crystal clear righteousness and the rampant evil: the crystal clear righteousness being the course of true Islam which the Imams of Ahlulbeit (PBUT) defended and fought for and further offered their noble souls for, along with the loyal companions who followed them, to secure it brilliant and shiny, and the rampant evil representing the course of corruption and derailing from the track of true Islam. The conspirers among the Umayyads along with all the hypocrites and those who were offended by the rule of justice and righteousness collaborated to deep-root this latter course by all vile means of deception, violence, and suppression. They deemed permissible everything that Allah Al Mighty forbid; they returned back to the damn code of the age of ignorance and its loathsome conducts, and they crowned their crimes and flagrant challenge to Allah Al Mighty and His great Prophet (PBUHH) by oppressively and aggressively killing the grandson and the flowering blossom of the Prophet – the weight of Allah on Earth, the master of the Youth among the people of Heavens – Imam Hussein (PBUH) and his children, household, and companions in the worst image and the meanest way over the soil of heroism and sacrifice in Holy Karbala. Afterwards, they humiliated the womenfolk of the Prophet (PBUHH)  and took them as captives and tortured everything and everyone who belong and is affiliated to him. This horrible crime and the similar crimes against Muslims that followed will remain eternally a stigma of shame and disgrace that stains the front of the tyrannical gang. It likewise condemns and slaps everyone who kept silent of agreed or justified or showed indifference and did not confront by words or deeds the these crimes and crucial diversions which are, due to the slackness and not contacting the lights of truth, still stamping many of the ongoing doctrinal, intellectual, social, and political aspects of our contemporary societies. Here we are experiencing since years what the extreme Takfiri groups are perpetrating: terrible invasions and crimes and blunt distortion of the pure image of Islam. All of this is nothing but an actual extension and a duplicate of what the Umayyads and their supporters and those who moved on their track did as per falsifying Islam and spreading corruption and tyranny.  However, there are those who observed the will of the Holy Prophet (PBUHH) and adhered to backing his grandson Al Hussein (PBUH) and the course of divine values which he represents. The Prophet (PBUHH) was surely and repetitively quoted as saying that Al Amin Gibril (PBUH) had told him that his nation would kill his son Al Hussein (PBUH) on the land of Karbala; he gloomed and cried him with grief and sorrow along with some companions. He then said: “May the curse of Allah be on his killer and his deserter until Doom’s Day”. He also said: “Whoever witnesses that among you had to support him” and “The Killing of Al Hussein (PBUH) has a burning flame in the hearts of believers that will never fade away.” From the moment of martyrdom and the grand epic that took place on the holy land of Karbala, those were and are still firm in their faithfulness, obedience, and loyalty to Allah Al Mighty and the Holy Prophet (PBUHH). The ember of love and loyalty to Al Hussein (PBUH) and all the Imams of Ahlulbeit (PBUT) until the awaited Imam Mahdi (May Allah Hasten his relief) is still glowing in their hearts. Their wills leap to support the principle and goals for which these chaste and pure ones lived and offered sacrifices. They further prompted the generations to assume and be committed to.  As in all the past epochs, those take pain tolerating the harm perpetrated against them by tyrants putting on a false mask of Islam. However, those are by now confronting with competence, responsibility and sacrifices the Takfiri brutality and its sponsors. They act seriously to rid the nation and the world from its evils and sins, and they work industriously to obstruct the intervention of its supporters and the defenders of the loathsome Jewish occupation – both being the ones lurking by our nation and people, looting our wealth and incessantly, targeting our freedoms and the values of our noble religion.  As for the best and purest title which Imam Hussein (PBUH) set as the framework within which his great movement is conducted to make reform in the nation after it was stuck with corruption and which he expressed in his saying: “I did not revolt for the cause of deception and arrogance or for the cause of evil tyranny and corruption, but to cause reform in the nation of my grandfather,” it fits and moreover must be adopted and presented and realized in our status quo, and it must be imposed on everyone who assumes public responsibility. It must be the motto of all the valuable massive, elite, reformist movements, which are backed and followed by the reverent religious authorities and which were launched in several Arab and Islamic states to confront the tyranny and autocracy of economic and financial corruption and also to face all the aspects of moral and social corruption. This colossal corruption is impudently practiced, covered, or ignored by many senior officials and employers in decision-making centers and apparatuses of these states and public and private administrations in a way that is threatening squandering the wealth of our countries and peoples and spreading oppression, poverty, retardation, and breaching social security and stability on the widest scale.

Only as such, belonging to Al Hussein (PBUH) and being affiliated to his pioneer reformist school would not be mere slogans and general phenomena but rather a responsible, aware, productive act.

                                                                             Noor Al Islam