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«Gift A Quran» – Massive Da’wah Campaign in Australia



Amidst a time when misinformation about Islam and animosity towards it is escalating, many Islamic organizations in collaboration with the major Da’wah teams across Australia has launched its major campaign of the year ‘Quran-The Book That Shook the World’.

The printed copy of the Quran will have the English translation of the Quran, biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBUHH), miracles of the Quran, Preservation of the Quran, and Biblical prophecy of Prophet Muhammad (PBUHH) etc…

As part of the Campaign, a range of activities will take place to share the message of Quran with fellow Australian as: Street Da’wah across Australia, Da’wah Workshop on answering allegations against Quran, «Gift a Quran» to Non-Muslim neighbors, friends or workmates, Drop Quran awareness leaflets in letter boxes, in addition to an Online Campaign: «Share a Verse of Quran or the teaching of Quran».

The target of the campaign is to distribute 100,000 copies of the Quran in the next few years. As a first stage, 20,000 copies of Quran will be printed in order to be distributed in next Ramadan, while over than 10,000 copies have been distributed in Australia wide in last year alone.

This campaign is considered Australia’s first ever major National Da’wah Campaign focusing on Quran and its importance to both Muslims and Non-Muslims

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