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A special tour inside a mosque to understand Islam and its rituals



Islamic Information Center, Pune, has organized the two-day program on to promote harmony and goodwill of Islam.

“Though our beliefs are different, we all are children of the same God. We want more and more people to come here, to know what exactly Islam means. That is why we have organized this visit,” said Mushtaq Bhai, who acted as a guide for the tour.

He took the visitors to a row of water taps and small seats in front of them, where, before entering the mosque, ‘Wuduu ’, a cleansing ritual, is performed.

They were then taken to a small compartment, where the Imam sits and recites prayer. “A Muslim is expected to perform prayer five times a day. Each mosque has specific timings for this. Usually we recite first seven verses of the Quran,” Mushtaq added.

It was followed by a question and answer session, where visitors asked questions about “Al Sunna al Nabawiya”, and all the answers were provided.

Visitors were delighted to participate in the event. “We have always had curiosity about Islam, and what they do in mosques and Islamic centers, and this is what we learned today” they said.


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