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Professor Robert Pierre Joseph (Haj Ibrahim Mohammad)



A former philosophy professor in French universities, Professor Robert Pierre Joseph has several books in the field of philosophy and monotheism. He embraced Islam after a deep industrious study which yielded the fruit of complete conviction that Islam is the religion based on monotheism…

According to him, Allah Al Mighty had bestowed on him the bliss of Islam as a reward for his exerting excessive efforts to attain various sciences especially his vigilant diligence in philosophy.

Professor Joseph says:

“No doubt Islam – the religion of science and knowledge – calls on its followers to attain knowledge and to work. Why should we be surprised? In fact, the first Ayah in the Holy Quran talks about Allah Al Mighty calling on his Messenger to: {Read! In the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, Who created}1. We also recall here the Holy saying of the Prophet of Allah (PBUH): ‘Attaining knowledge is the duty of every Muslim’.

“From my personal experience, I attained a deep-rooted conviction that whoever is faithful in his researches to achieve knowledge in whatever field to serve his society and for the welfare of humanity as a whole, Allah Al Mighty will reward him abundantly for his offerings.

“Allah Al Mighty says in Surat Zalzalah: {so whoever does good equal to the weight of an atom, shall see it}2.

“As for me, I was not satisfied by my specialization in philosophy; I rather tried to examine deeply the various branches of knowledge, especially those related to proving the oneness of Allah the Creator and the Ruler of all affairs in this universe – which is threatened by the atheist materialistic civilization that has almost ruined all the previous heritage and modern aspects of development and progress.

“Thus knowledge and research were the reason for lighting the way before me, for guiding me to the right path, and for saving me from the deep pain I was suffering from as a result of the tough struggle taking place in the recesses of my soul. I have no doubt in what I am saying, for I believe that Islam means peace in the full sense of the word, on top of which is one’s peace with himself. The soul – our inner demon – can’t be controlled or guided to the welfare of the individual and the society except by the Islamic Sharia and its kind principles.

“The testimony means that no creature is to be obeyed while the Creator is being disobeyed, that all people are equal, and that no Arab is better that a foreigner except in piety.

“Moreover, the direct connection between the slave and his Creator while praying five times a day mounts to a daily nourishment that reminds him of the existence of his Creator and calls on him to follow what He calls for and to refrain from what He forbids. This is mentioned in the Holy Ayah: {you are the best nation ever raised up in mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong}3.

“Likewise is Zakat or alms-giving which unites hearts and fights grudge and envy. It brings Muslims together and renders them a solid cemented structure; they mutually reinforce each other.

“This is in addition to the Holy Month of Ramadan which is considered a training course for the soul to curb its desires…

“Moreover, man abandons the ornaments of life in the Hajj season what reminds him of Doom’s Day and the judgment of that day….

“These principles may be the pillars of an ideal society which man has been searching for ever since his creation. Thus, I call on the society to study the truth of Islam and its principles and not to be influenced by the false claims reverberated by the tendentious and the biased. The path is open before everyone to search in the Book of Allah and the Traditions of His prophet; afterwards he can judge in accordance with his conscience.”

The professor continues saying: “There is something which I did after embracing Islam; it is visiting as many Islamic countries as possible to examine their lifestyles and to get to know them more, and I was very much pleased by that as I sensed the Islamic environment which I miss and which every Muslim who lives in the west miss”.

The professor adds: “I am attempting at writing a book in the French Language about the Islamic Sharia, the history of Islam, Muslims, and the role the first Muslims played in the various sciences and arts”.

He wrapped his speech saying: “I would like to call on Muslims to be proud of themselves, to be the best representatives of this immortal religion, and to be fit to be Muslims. I would like to give you an example that clarifies the importance of adhering to your religion; the employers in Europe prefer to employ Muslims who stick to their religion because they are kind and absolutely loyal in their work, and their social conduct forces everyone to respect them and highly esteem their religious doctrine.

“Last but not least, I call on the Islamic states to assume the major responsibility of serving Islam and Muslims worldwide by, for example, distributing Islamic publications that tackle the Islamic pillars and principles in a simple scientific way and in various languages, translating the Holy Quran for non-Arabs, and providing records that teach praying for Muslims in western states in general and in France in particular.

“These steps would help to present Islam in its best forms and to introduce the followers of other religions to the true Islam.”


(1) Surat al Alaq (The Clot): Ayah 1.

(2) Surat al Zalzalah (The Earthquake): Ayah 7.

(3) Surat Al Imran (The Family of Imran): Ayah 110