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Opening of the new mosque and cultural center in the capital of Slovenia



The Islamic Cultural Center in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, has been granted permission to open a new mosque and cultural center in Ljubljana, after construction is almost completed.

Mufti Nedžad Grabus labelled the start of construction works as “a major landmark” for the Muslims community, which will “finally get a building worthy of it and Islam as a world religion.”

The mosque will be built on 11,000 square meters area with a height of 12 meters, while the minaret will be 40 meters high .With additional open spaces of 5000m2 park full of trees and flowers.

The first request to build a mosque in Slovenia was filed in 1969. In recent years, the project has run into difficulty over the issue of land, but was eventually solved in 2008 when the council in Ljubljana sold an area ready for construction to the Muslim community. And, in 2013, the foundation stone of the mosque and the cultural center was laid.


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