“Let not “The day you are fasting in be similar to your other days” Imam Sadiq (PBUH)



With eagerness, the fervor of waiting, and enthusiasm, Muslims get ready to meet the month of forgiveness, mercy, contentment, and divine hospitality and honor, the Month of Allah Al Mighty, the Holy Month of Ramadan. How can’t it be so, and it is the most precious and dear opportunity which makes it possible for them to get closer to Allah Al Mighty, to respond to his Holy recommendations, and to look forward later on to receive His awards and generosity which Allah Al Mighty prepared for the true fasting and praying believers in the Holiest Month. It is a radiant spiritual stop in which believers unload the heavy burdens of their sins and misdeeds and unchain from the prison of worldly desires, temptations, preoccupations, and warrens – all being impediments that block the way before seeing the beauty of the Truth and the light of slavery and obedience to the Creator of existence and the Source of Mercy. His pity for His fasting repenting believers opens the gates of Heavens and shuts tight the gates of Hell while chaining devils in this Holy Month as the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his Household) says. To receive the honor of divine hospitality in this Holy month, the fasting believer does not have except to perceive and know the truth and the conditions for an acceptable fasting which Allah Al mighty set as a main pillar in the system of divine worshiping deeds and binding obligations which if performed in a right way, can fortify and better man to transcend him in the path of human perfection, enabling him hereof to be the attention of divine mercies and emanation in this World and in the Hereafter.

Knowledge and culture are two binding conditions for the validity and acceptability of worshiping deeds. This indeed applies on fasting, for fear the fasting believer would be denied his reward and the fruit of his toil, for lack of insight and perception of what he is doing. True fasting, in fact, is not what many comprehend and apply – mere abstention all day long from eating and drinking besides other bodily practices that break the fast. Thus Prophet Mohammad says: “Few are the fasting believers though many are hungry”. Imam Ali (Peace be upon him) also says: “Many are the fasting men who do not gain from their fast except thirst, and many are the praying men who do not gain from their prayers except toil.” The Prophet of Mercy Mohammad (Peace be upon him and his Household) in his marvelous radiant sermon in which he welcomes the Holy Month of Ramadan as well Ahlul Bait (Peace be upon them) in many of their Hadithes made clear for us how the fasting believer must act and how his conduct must be and all he must abstain himself from in this sacred month. These are called the regulations, the manners, and the Sunna which senior scholars were kind enough to explain in detail and interpret elaborately in their valuable books, and the believers are supposed not to refrain from resorting to them to benefit from their great valuable treasures.

At a time the good pious believers are doing their best to adhere to the regulations of fasting and its manners and Sunna and struggling to observe the sanctity of this Holy Month, many recent negative practices, bad norms, and disgraceful targets are being spread and going too far in profaning the sanctity and status of this month while tarnishing the purity and chastity of its spiritual atmosphere. That includes the prevailing exaggeration and immoderation in serving diversified kinds of foods and drinks by families and those inviting on Ramadan Iftar dinners and after all much of this food ends in the garbage instead of being sent to the needy – who are numerous, unfortunately.  That also includes the abundance of what came to be known as “Ramadan” artistic evening parties where both genders meet and where indecencies, immoralities, and corrupt prohibited deeds are scandalous.

Still, the mushrooming plague is the TV commercial programs and series that invade homes remarkably in this Holy Month aggravating an atmosphere of shamelessness and frivolity, and this is considered a flagrant aggression against religious values and human integrity.

This must be disclosed, provoked, and confronted, and pressure has to be exerted by everyone to limit and curb it, regarding its grave danger on families and generations….  What was published that an important Islamic country had recently issued a law that aims at confronting and penalizing the violators of the sanctity of the Holy Month of Ramadan in particular is something which must be highly appreciated if it is characterized by seriousness, and we encourage that it be implemented in all Islamic countries which are being indolent in this perspective.

Praying to Allah Al Mighty to accept the fasting and obedience of all believers, we hope Allah Al Mighty would back and grant victory to all the men who are offering sacrifices and confronting steadfastly and faithfully the brutal, tyrannical Takfiri groups who had brought along many sorrows and afflicted severe catastrophes on the Islamic and other peoples and nations.

Noor Al-Islam