“Noor Al Islam” – Thirty years and Continuing


The light of Islam shined with the dawn of prophecies, and its glow and glitter increased with the mission of the Seal of Prophets and the Master of All Messengers – our Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him and His Household). From the embers of this luminous divine light which shined on existence and dispersed the darkness of ignorance, disbelief, and oppression, “Noor Al Islam” Magazine kindled its first torch thirty years ago. No soon, it got ready and detected its track to commence in the procession of responsibility and duties in the march of those advancing to raise the Word of Allah Al Mighty in Earth and deep-root the pillars of His noble religion and solemn values in minds and souls and in the movement of the society, particularly in this difficult time we are living in and which is pregnant with major and rapid changes. It is a time of mighty pressures practiced on our generations and communities to derail them and rob them from inside until totally demolishing their pillars and principles. Praise be to Allah Al Mighty, the magazine is still carefully carrying, along with the faithful who sponsor it, the trust of this sacred torch, seeking with all its might that every word that embellish its papers and every phrase expressed by its lines, be a blink of guidance, a lantern for awareness, and a guide for the path of reform and renaissance.

It is not surprising that the magazine is the paramount promising fruit of Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him) Foundation (the branch of Lebanon). This charitable and cultural foundation has various activities and contributions in the field of culture, spreading the Call of Islam, education, and development. Praise be to Allah, it could found active centers and institutions concerned, with noticeable competence, in all of these vital fields in several Arab and Islamic countries and some states in Africa and Northern America… Thus the magazine sought to reflect these goals and noble expectations and make them fixed axes and topics for its articles, chapters, reports, and diversified intellectual, literary, and scientific corners and columns.

The main goal of the magazine is to contribute in founding social- religious awareness based on the moral-humanistic-cultural course asserted by Islam that meant it to be a method for life and conduct for its followers. It is intended to build an Islamic personality able to deal

competently and objectively, while relying on clear and sound bases, with the developments of the time with all its phenomena and crises. As such, the magazine persevered from the very beginning to dedicate fixed chapters that discuss Islam and its correct doctrine, sublime sharia, concepts of the universe and life and method in educating man shape

his personality through analytic and comparative approaches and and based on objective and authentic interpretations of the Holy Quran and ample understanding and reflection of Its evident Ayahs. These chapters further focus on approaching the biography of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his Household) and his unique sacred personality and his noble and righteous recommendations and teachings. Furthermore, these chapters give particular attention to the Traditions of the Household of the Prophet (Peace be upon them) and their perfect and steady method in comprehending Islam and applying it.

In this perspective, the magazine continues in shedding light on the scientific and cultural heritage of Islam and the marvelous contributions of senior Muslim men and pious scholars.

One of the topics that is granted considerable attention by the magazine and its dear writers is discussing and reflecting matters that concern our nation, societies, and countries as well as the causes, events, achievements, and crises that may have negative or positive influence on their status, conditions, and strength. Moreover, the magazine constantly discusses matters that concern women and their role and status, family affairs and related issues, and the sound bases for bringing up children and guiding them, besides the needs of the psychological and body health, and other vital issues such as scientific discoveries and relations with others.

However, the distinctive effort which the magazine consistently exerts in each of its issues is the pictured reportage which aims to provide vivid and diversified information about the conditions and affairs of a definite Muslim country or area where a Muslim community dwells and has its presence and status in one of the foreign states in this vast world. This section further highlights the active Islamic centers and institutions that serve Islam, Muslims, and the deemed-weak in general. In addition to all of that, each issue includes an exciting interview that relates the story and experience of men or women who were guided to Islam and embraced it willfully instead of other religions or beliefs which they eventually renounced. The last point to mention is that adding a constant section in the English Language gave the magazine a chance to deliver its message to many countries that speak this language and to many Muslim communities in foreign countries as well as to a growing number of non-Muslim individuals, centers, and libraries which wish to receive authentic knowledge about Islam.

Finally and following the procession of efforts and struggle for the sake of Allah Al Mighty and for the sake of achieving His content that continued for thirty years, the magazine staff is pleased to make this direct presentation to its dear readers who offered it their precious confidence – first to thank and praise Allah Al Mighty Who embraced it with a sacred power and His merciful care what enabled it to continue and overcome many obstacles. The incessant many thanks of the magazine are second offered to the beneficent and benevolent who do not refrain from supporting the procession of the magazine with their bounty as well as to the people of virtue and knowledge – the dear reverent writers -who are still filling its pages with the light of their pens and the overflow of their brilliant minds without any grudge or charges; their sole concern is rather seeking the rewards of Allah Al Mighty….

It is our duty finally to laud and salute as well as pray for the safety and the divine support of the supreme religious authority which kindly sponsors the work of our magazine as well as the rest of the blessed works that are characterized with authenticity and general welfare.

Noor Al-Islam