The Brilliant Light

Prelude 215-216

On The Occasion of The Birthday of The Holy Prophet

The glory of your brilliant light – O Master of creatures and creations had, is, and will always reign over existence, lighting up minds, souls, and paths. It is the Light of Allah Al Mighty manifested in His dear beloved and the best chosen among his creatures. He elected him a prophet, a guide, a saver, and a mercy for the worlds.

You mounted perpetually the throne of the hearts of your lovers and adorers who truly believe in you, in all what you conveyed from Allah Al Mighty, in the tolerant, lenient doctrine and the esteemed Sharia you illustrated, and in the explicit course you paved to light the path of the wayfarer to Allah Al Mighty and lead them to the path of truth, justice, and the dignified free life. As such you are, and even greater than being described or defined.

We used to wait and still long with great eagerness to welcome your holy birthday not only to be indulged with happiness and joy with the birth of the most honorable and dignified creature and perfect man but also to revive our souls and make them bloom again after a long period of drought and barrenness, to awaken our minds after lapses of slumber and inattention, and to refresh our hopes for a brighter future despite the deceit of the traitors, the tyranny of the arrogant, and the frivolity of the unmindful….

Why not, and your noble teachings which lead to the utmost aspirations of humanity on perfection, sublimity, and happiness in this world and the Hereafter are still vivid and radiant tolling in the ears of generations and stimulating the free souls and alert minds… O Seal of the Prophets and their Master! The two weighty things you left among us – the greater being the Holy Book of Allah and His eminent Ayahs and the lesser being the course of your chaste Household and infallible Imams whom you titled as the Speaking Quran – are still the lantern and the leader who guide believers who guard your trust and respond to the order of Allah Al Mighty in you. That’s because these two weighty things are – as Allah wished and as you revealed – together and exclusively inseparable, and they are the righteous path and the way of salvation from all forms of perversity and delusion, and eventually, every attempt to diverge from them and avoid them is an act of loss and deviation from the path of truth. In fact, many a time, ignoring and forsaking commitment to your teachings on these two weighty things had led to catastrophes, oppressions, loss, and feebleness on every level in the life of the Islamic nation and its conditions; and here we are still enduring the consequences and repercussions of such acts to our present time, what is manifested in disunion and separation besides ideological, behavioral, and social corruption as well as submissiveness to the greedy, arrogant foreigners. And the phenomenon of savage, terrorist Takfirism that has swept the countries and peoples and went to extremes in its crimes and in distorting the crystal clear teachings of Islam is but a blatant outcome of deviating away from these two main weighty pillars which together guarantee the purity of Islam and the integrity and dignity of all Muslims. The Islamic history had been inflicted with many such examples of these destructive phenomena that dragged along woes and deepened the wounds among the nation.

It remains that the guards of the Islamic doctrine and the defenders of Islam and the Islamic nation – whom Allah Al Mighty had strengthened their hearts and enlightened their insights and who followed the directions of the “two weighty things” – still respect the oath and adhere to the binding teachings despite the fierce storms, countless afflictions, and successive and diversified exposures which they confront with patience, content, trust in Allah Al Mighty , raising high the true banner of Islam and making many achievements and prominent accomplishments on several  perspectives – praise be to Allah – what promotes the conditions of our societies, fortifies our squares, and guards our intact man. Next to the success granted by Allah Al Mighty and the much appreciated great sacrifices of the zealous defenders under the righteous loyalty to the Household of the Prophet (PBUT), this is being possible, to a great extent, thanks to our wise, religious, backed by Allah, and obeyed authorities who take the brave and prudent initiatives and act faithfully and sublimely and with much human and moral openness to all the components and factions of our societies to boost capabilities and fill the gaps….

Thus these sound recommendations and attained achievements under the banner of loyalty to the chaste and pure Imams (PBUT) are imposing themselves with the increase of esteem, respect, and admiration they are receiving from many fair and just scholars, writers, and broad sections from among the various Islamic sects and other religions and diversified cultural and social trends. They are expressing this explicitly and demanding wiping the thick dust away from the pages of history and Islamic intellect, which hid from them and from many of the members of the nation, and at various periods of time, the correct views, and took them to other positions, vicinal to the facts of Islam and its purposes.

O Master of Messengers! O Imam of mercy and guidance! Peace and the best salutations on you, on the chaste Imams, and on your Household. May Allah make us among those who adhere to your course and attain your intercession and imminence, for Allah is the All-Hearing and the Answer to prayers.

Noor Al-Islam