Corruption is Great Evil but Not a Doomed Fate


Allah Al Mighty says: “Corruption has appeared throughout the land and sea by reason of what the hands of people has earned so He may let them taste part of the consequence of what they have done that perhaps they will return to righteousness”

In the sea of major chronic as well as recent crises and problems our Arab and Islamic countries and peoples are doomed to endure and confront with much sufferings and sacrifices, one of these causes has thrown its full weight by now, and it is most urgent to confront and address; it is the horrible epidemic of corruption which is rampant on all levels and in all circles and among many of the people in power and of power – as among the covetous ambitious stakeholders.

The case worsened even further with the prevalence of briberies, favorism, and acquisition of public properties and the like. That is besides the increase of behavioral corruption which is dubbed as insolent defiance of religious, moral, and human values. If most of those confronting corruption and its components at the meantime describe it and confront it based on a direct materialistic procedural perspective only, the objective trend with its religious, historic perspective view it through the factors and backgrounds that devise and contribute to the spread of corruption. This trend views corruption on all levels as a necessary byproduct of the deviation of corruptors and those who guard them away from the track of righteousness and supreme human values, which supreme divine missions and their doctrines and legislations came to build integrated communities on its bases, and consequently to prevent the oppression and tyranny of corruptors.

To this Imam Mohammad Baqer refers when he interprets this Holy Ayah: {And cause not corruption upon earth after its reformation} saying: “Earth was corrupt and Allah Al Mighty reformed it with His Prophet Mohammad (PBUHH).”

Corruption was and is still the fabrication of the perverted authority which corruption seeks shelter in as Amir Mumineen Ali (PBUH) clarifies when he says: “Those who preceded you were extinguished because they (the rulers) banned people their rights and purchased righteousness (with bribes and money) and took people with injustice which they followed as their sample – (that’s because they thought it was rightfulness as they were brought up on injustice and got accustomed to it).

Imam Ali (PBUH) also says that the state of righteousness and justice which is the opposite of the state of corruption is based on reform and the honesty of five groups which are: “The clerks who guide to Allah Al Mighty, the ascetic who are above greed and they are the path to Allah, the merchants who are the trustees of Allah, the warriors (soldiers) who are the supporters of the religion of Allah, and the rulers who are the guardians of the creatures of Allah.” If those got corrupted and deviated from the righteous path, they themselves become reason for the corruption of the public and the destruction of the society. Imam Ali (PBUH) asserts: “By God, people got corrupted but by greedy scholars, desirous ascetics, treacherous merchants, hypocritical warriors, and tyrant rulers. {And soon will the unjust assailants know what vicissitudes their affairs will take!}

These groups themselves are the subject of the complaints and shouts of our Arab and Islamic peoples, as many of them have went too far in enormous corruption in various fields especially on the level of plundering public wealth, squandering, and dispersing the great capacities which Allah Al Mighty bestowed on our countries so that our peoples and generations benefit from and not to be at the disposal of those who conduct them and inherit them as if they are among the possessions of their families and gangs. As such, they waste most of this money on establishing their authorities and on their loathsome luxury and splendor. What is really unfortunate and disappointing is that some of those whom hopes were linked on to cause a change in the ways of reform and fighting corruption had fallen in the trial of honesty and uprightness posed by authority; as such they joined the sponsors of corruption and pauperization. It is shameful and really painful that most of our states, governments, and administrations are placed on the bottom of the list of the world’s most corrupt and least honest states which are also most afar from being accountable and responsible.

However, from this disgusting, resentful descent, it is indispensable to say that corruption is not a doomed fate which evil cannot be evaded or which spread cannot be limited. In fact growing awareness among the various groups towards its risks, waylaying its dens, symbols, and disguised conduits, and the attempts to confront corruption on the intellectual, media, political, and popular levels are expanding and getting more focused.

What is always required is that pressure be increased and the means of serious persecution be boosted until it becomes possible to reach the moment of truth – meaning actual accountability, punishment, and restoring what is being plundered unrightfully – as what is taking place actually in many of the states which respect the rights of their peoples and the sanctity of their laws.

Here we seriously look forward to activating the pioneer role of the faithful scholars on top of which come the supreme religious authorities along with all those who take pain to advocate righteousness and justice, so that they would have in this perspective the great influence and impact similar to what they competently and successfully achieved in the field of curbing and extracting the abhorrent roots of Takfirism and spreading security and serenity by virtue of their determination and persistence, even if the battle against this mushrooming monstrous corruption is in some of its perspectives more critical and tough; however, it will never be a losing battle God-willing.

With the beginning of the Holy Months of Rajab and Shaaban when the awareness of souls and spirits increase and become more linked to the beauty of the holy lights and the overflow of divine mercy, we ask Allah Al Mighty to accept all our deeds and to grant us integrity both in our religion and in our life.

Noor Al Islam