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Swedish town gave permission for Friday prayers call


Mosques in a southern Swedish town have been allowed to use loudspeakers for the call to prayer, according to a local media report.

Police in Vaxjo District of Kronoberg County gave the permission for Friday prayers, according to state radio SR.

Fredrik Modeus, district bishop, welcomed the decision in a statement, adding that Sweden guarantees religious freedom to its citizens.

In 2013, the first call to prayer was broadcast on a loudspeaker in Fittja Ulu Mosque in Botkyrka district in Stockholm. The Friday tradition continues to this day.

Last year, a mosque in Karlskrona municipality, Blekinge County, was allowed to broadcast the call to prayer five times a day.

In Islamic tradition, mosques call the faithful to prayer five times a day, however Friday prayers hold special importance.

There is almost a mosque for Muslims in every Swedish province, where the Islamic religion in the second place after Christianity in the country, as the Holy Quran was fully translated to Swedish.

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