Are we The Best Nation?



Every year, with the rise of the moon of Rabi I, the souls of the devotees of the Household of Al Mustafa – the Chosen Prophet (PBUH) get ready to take off the black mourning clothes they put on during the successive lamentation seasons on Ahlulbeit (PBUT) – starting with the onset of Muharram with the great Taf catastrophe and the horrible martyrdom of the blossom of the Master of all Creatures – Imam Hussein – and his chosen Household and loyal companions, to the martyrdom of his son Imam Sajjad, the best among the slaves of Allah Al Mighty, to the martyrdom of the senior grandson – Imam Hassan Mujtaba, to the martyrdom of Imam Rida, the Sultan of the Imams, the strangest of all strangers, to the Arbaeen of the Master of All Martyrs, until reaching the solemnest of all catastrophes with the decease of the Holy Prophet (PBUHH) and the following calamities and oppressions that befell his chaste Household that do not end with the 8th of Rabi I – the martyrdom of the eleventh Imam – Al Hassan Al Azaki Al Askhari. The souls got ready to welcome the season of contentment with the birthday of the Mercy offered to mankind, the Prophet who was sent as witness on all Messengers, the Perfecter of morals with his flawless manners and refined ethics who made from the combating Arab gangs a project for the best nation ever brought forth to mankind, through establishing the guideposts of what is right and what is wrong, and leading them on the path of chastening souls, and teaching them theoretical knowledge and practical wisdom. The occasion requires from us showing our thanks fully through showing joy, delight, and happiness and being grateful for the newborn by acts of solemnness and honor. However, the occasion requires from us a pose for reflection, wondering, and reconsideration.

After 14 centuries and half of a century on his blessed Hijra, what is the distance separating us from being the best nation?

Allah Al Mighty put uncompromising condition for this preference which can’t be overlooked: {You are indeed the best nation that has ever been brought forth for mankind: you enjoin the doing of what is right and forbid the doing of what is wrong, and you believe in God}

This preference is coupled with a social movement and a hearty conviction: A social movement that encourages every good deed and renounces every corruption attempt, and a strong conviction in Allah Al Mighty that makes the heart serene with faith while seeking the content of the All-Merciful.  The two conditions have existential correlation. Having faith in Allah and the consequent quest to gain His content and acting accordingly help in specifying the clear paths to perfect morals and favorable deeds. Moreover, consecrating ethical principles in the soul through activating them practically paves the way for the suitable background for receiving divine teachings. True the heart is the container of religion in the soul; it is the internal receiver which interacts with the gifts of the horizons – which if lacked ties are severed between the heart of the creature and the emanation of The Creator. Consequently, ears will be deaf from hearing reason, eyes will be blind from seeing warning examples, and the mind will be crippled from analyzing ideas. Man as such would fall to the rock bottom of bestiality that perceives only satisfying the cravings of desires and responding to the outbursts of anger.  {And certainly We have created for hell many of the jinn and the men; they have hearts with which they do not understand, and they have eyes with which they do not see, and they have ears with which they do not hear; they are as cattle, nay, they are in worse errors; these are the heedless ones} Unfortunately, this heedlessness had dragged humanity to its darkest depths. With every civilizational developmental step, with every increase in the complexities of life and its divergences, man delved more and more in the world of matter and withdrew more and more away from morals. Man moved from the stage of moral self-deterrence which urges man to avoid vices via self-motives, to the stage of social deterrence which provokes man to avoid vices for fear of the community around him. Now man reached the stage of the rule of interests that lacks internal and external deterrence. What made things even worse is the systematic sponsorship of media outlets and communication means for publishing all sorts of social perversions: pornography, violence, behavioral abnormalities…. This move can’t be viewed as spontaneous and can’t be discharged from being a conspiracy. The evil tendencies stirred in the souls while being monitored by a cultural, educational approach that strengthens in man freedom as an absolute self-phenomenon at the expense of the responsibility observed within the limits of the law. Should it be unleashed it will dash uncontrolled. This sample was generalized by globalization to over dominate all civilizations; it reached us in the absence of law, peace, and welfare, thus it caused in our arena a state of confusion that exceeds that in the country of origin…. It is descending into an abyss of which the Holy Prophetic Tradition warned: “What if your women got corrupted and your youth got immoral; you did not enjoin the doing of what is right, and you did not forbid the doing of what is wrong?” He was told: “Will that take place, O Prophet of Allah?” He said: “Yes, and even worse. What if you enjoin the doing of what is wrong and forbid the doing of what is right?” He was told: “O Prophet of Allah! Will that take place?” He said: “Yes, and even worse. What if you see the right wrong, and the wrong right?”

This is the alarming sound of warning which requires reconsideration.

{Is there any who will remember and act?}

                                                                             Noor Al Islam