Is this the End?



Humanity used to stroll along in a pace that gives the soul and insight their time to comprehend every shift experienced by man at the level of his knowledge and at the level of his practical life, while observing always an equilibrium between the outer and inner movement.

This equilibrium would guarantee for humanity an interaction proportional with every step and a spontaneous gradual change in values and lifestyles. This was the case until the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Then humanity began to live a series of sharp turns through which it dashed swiftly, what led to radical coups in lifestyles and life demands. This was accompanied by a voluminous information blast, complex ramifications in the various fields of knowledge, and an intense density in its sources.

Lifestyles would change in a pace with which human recognition – besides man’s psychological accommodation – failed to cope. Luxuries mushroomed and turned into life necessities, and seeking to obtain these luxuries became a must. Eventually, man embarked in a marathon to make his living that became subject to the complexities of the economic life, under the reign of a usury banking system that is furnishing the lives of the rich with even more easy profit and facilitating the affairs of the poor and the middle class via loans which are no more than a life ring that surrounds the neck; it saves man from drowning only to kill him by lynching.

Man ended up in a continual race to keep pace with these demands.

On another level, the haphazard density of interacting information sources had made it easy for man to reach any piece of information he is seeking. However, on the other hand, it made man subject to unfocused stuffing that robbed him from his ability to analyze, connect, and conclude. This ended up in quick gaining of interlinked data that lack the healthy digestion and begetting information from the given through honing cognitive skills and wide knowledge.

Between these two accelerating scopes, man lost the most important two elements that help him evaluate his track; self-reconsideration that enables him to redress his self, judge it whether negatively or positively, detect his good points and develop them, and likewise highlight his defects and make the necessary adjustments. The other element is the interrelated, interactive social life which makes man the mirror of his brother man through whom he sees his own hidden defects. Unfortunately, friendships had turned into mutual interests or a meeting among individuals – each of whom is immersed in virtual entertainment which had developed from collective entertainment in listening to the radio, then watching the TV, until reaching individual entertainment in a virtual world. Hence the individual became content with himself and his device, and he declined from interacting with his brother man who is sitting next to him.

Upon losing these two elements and the introduction of overlapping values, the system of morals vanished to be replaced by individual freedom based on the principle of pleasure, restoring the anachronistic philosophy of Epicurus. Practically, all of the above had produced a selfish, introvert individual characterized with weak deterrence abilities and sated with an enormous amount of neither digested nor comprehended haphazard information. This individual is deeply preoccupied with his real-time destiny – the destiny of providing the needs and coping with demands. He is unaware of his existential destiny. He moves with the procession tamely and with utmost surrender without bothering himself with any sort of contemplating the repercussions; all of this takes place under the reign of leaders who had themselves embodied this track in its most explicit manifestation. Their corruption had transcended land and sea and reached air and the space without noticing that they are on board of this vessel which bottom they are mercilessly smashing.

It is a descent, and the observer can’t see in the range of vision but the end of this existence.

But is it really the end?!

Or are these the signs of a divine intervention that would announce for humanity the latter’s failure to assume the responsibility of the universe and impose on it the custody that would finally put everything in order?!

The answer to this question is hidden in the unseen horizons.


Editor in Chief

                                                                             Noor Al Islam