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Mosque Provides Qur’an Sign Language Translation for Deaf



A local mosque in Mataram, Indonesia is providing sign language translators to assist deaf Muslims who seek taking part in Qur’an recitation activities. “We started this blessed initiative with a sum of five experienced sign language translators who are now available at the mosque. They have plenty of experiences in sign languages,” said Abdullah, a member of the Jamaah Tabligh.

The services, offered at “At-Taqwa Grand Mosque”, are planned to assist those willing to memorize and recite the Qur’an. One of the sign language translators, Hariri, said: “the deaf congregation community has been regularly attending religious courses at this mosque since 2013. Among the deaf worshipers, there are bachelors, graphic designers, and teachers at special schools for handicapped children.”

He further informed that “there were 70 deaf and disabled people in Lombok Island who had participated in the congregation Da’wah program.” The events of the program usually take place every Friday night were about where 30 people attend regularly..

“Alhamdulillah, the Islamic courses can be a means of interacting with the outside world for the deaf community,” he said. A member of the deaf community named Azmi regularly participates in the activity. He works as a teacher at Praya State Special School (SLBN) said: “I regularly take part in this Qur’an recitation program and I even invite my students to take part in these activities”.

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