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Take a look inside Hull’s mosque as it opens its doors 



The Hull Mosque and Islamic Centre in Berkeley Street opened its doors swas part of ‘Visit My Mosque Day’, a national initiative where more than 250 mosques across the country hosted an open day in their community.

It gave the chance for people across Hull to learn more about Islam and to challenge any misconceptions about the religion.

Imam of the mosque, Rahmat Aziz Salik, said that the open day was an opportunity to allow local people to learn more about Islam and “establish peace and harmony” in the community.

He said: “The main thing is we want to be a friend to everyone while we are here.

“We are benefitting from the area and the people should benefit from us and also to take away concern or misunderstanding. We want to establish a friendly environment.

Visitors were given a guided tour around the mosque before witnessing Islamic prayers performed daily.

Martin Overill, a visitor who came from Beverley to visit the mosque. He said: “I came to see what the Islam faith is about and get some insight into their culture.

“It is a religion about peace and there is plenty of misconceptions and today I have learnt more about their culture and how a mosque works.”

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