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Mrs. Salma Bwafir (Sophie Bwafir)



Masters Degree in Teaching French and Mathematics

The story of the Islam of Mrs. Salma Bwafir is a sample for the tough intellectual journey through which all those who convert to Islam pass. It represents a model for strong will and intellectual courage that characterize new Muslims – men and women alike.

Mrs. Salma Bwafir narrates the story of her guidance to Islam in a serene and proud tone:

I was born in Montreal – Canada – in 1971 to a religious family. I used to go to the church until I was fourteen years old. At that age, many questions would come to my mind on The Creator and the various religions. The questions were rather logical yet easy. It was quite weird that my questions were difficult to be answered by those whom I used to ask! Among these questions which I used to ask mom about were: If God is The Creator of The Harmful and The Creator of The Good, and The Sustainer and The Preventer, why don’t we ask Him directly? Why are we to go to the priest to mediate between our Creator and us?! Isn’t The All-Power more competent to be asked?!

Many such pressing questions would incessantly cross my mind, and when I failed to receive convincing answers, I stopped going to the church.

I used to believe in God, in His Greatness, and in His Power. Thus I studied other religions. Still I did not find answers to the questions I had. Helplessly, I drowned in intellectual uncertainty until I went to university.

There the decent attire of a Jewish girl caught my attention. I got close to her and befriended her. I focused in studying Judaism. At first, I liked this religion; however, no soon I detected the defects of this faith the least of which was that I could not embrace this religion because I was not born a Jew!

Thus was the big and crucial question: If God accepts His slaves, how would He refuse me embracing His religion?!

How does the true religion refuse newcomers?

Finally, I came to know that Judaism does not meet my ambition, and it does not quench the thirst of my pressing questions…..

I turned to studying Islam, and I met a young Muslim man who was my aid to understand Islam. I would ask him questions and questions, and he would answer. I was really astonished by his convincing answers to my major questions.  For a whole year, I remained studying this unique religion until I was totally taken by it. The most fascinating scene that attracted me to Islam is that of a praying Muslim. I was startled by the magnificent submissiveness shown before Allah Almighty. I really admired the graciousness and serenity. I was captivated by the harmonious movements that manifest absolute servitude to Allah Almighty.

When I thought of embracing Islam, I feared my family and friends. Such a crucial decision requires full courage and an iron will. For a whole month, I lived a terrible inner fight. What made things more complex is that I live in a non-Muslim country, and I could not anticipate the reaction of my family and friends. Still, that Muslim friend made things easier for me by his words that he would always say: “If you are with Allah, Allah will always be with you.” These words would full my heart with tranquility.

What also made me more at peace is that by that time, I started going to the mosque. I met several Canadian sisters who preceded me to Islam. This cheered me up and provided me with courage and power. Thus and as a first step I wore hijab. Two weeks later came the turning point in my life when I made my testimony: “I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and that Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah”.

Islam, which introduced me to this Muslim friend of mine, united me with him after a month of my Islam by wedlock. It was the will of Allah Almighty that he be my friend in my journey of faith and my partner in the journey of life as well.