The Blessed Husseini Uprising …. An Endless Resource and Inspiration



According to the precise and crystal clear norms of Islam and going back to what the Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him and his Household) had repetitively announced to the effect that the Divine Mission informed him that his nation will fail his Grandson Hussein (Peace be upon him) and kill him oppressively, the bases, motives, and goals of the Revolution of the Master of Martyrs Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him) and consequently its reverberating consequences and repercussions on the level of the nation was doomed even before Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him) embarked in it and announced it a sore cry in the face of corrupt tyrants. He declared it the final norm that discriminates between rightfulness and its followers and injustice and its gang. He declared it the decisive criterion that discerns between the good who struggle with insight and patience to keep the Word of Allah supreme and His Holy Book and the Sunna of His Holy Prophet the bases and the only path to establishing the Rule of Allah on Earth, spreading justice, hindering injustice, and raising the deemed-weak on one hand and between the sinful tyrants who took the path of deception, hypocrisy, and purchasing consciences and black terrorism to enable themselves of usurping power via oppression to control Muslims and their countries according to the rules of the Pre-Islamic Paganism and its evil means. Accordingly, they appoint themselves partners to Allah Al Mighty through the aberrations and heresies they cause and through the forbidden blood they shed and sanctities they profane, notably the terrible crimes they perpetrated against the Household of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) and their loyal companions. This scene of serious corruption, which was pioneered by the freed Umayyads and their followers and everyone who was in their line and who failed rightfulness and backed injustice, was not to be shaken and its truth was not to be disclosed before the whole world under the regime of oppression and reduction to silence except through the heroic missionary stances of Imam Hussein – the focus of Ahlulbeit and the Grandson of the Prophet (Peace be upon him and his Household) – who does not tolerate oppression. Thus was the resonant event of his martyrdom on the earth of Karbala, and its echo is still reverberating in the ear of time and heard by the hearts which declare rightfulness and beat with the love to the Household of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon them) and adore their true divine religious path. This path was manifested by the Master of Martyrs, and his chaste blood lit its landmark. He was and is still the main guide and leader to whoever is in quest of the way of guidance that leads to the content of Allah Al Mighty and to dignity, honor and the ideal human life.

From the very beginning, it was the Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon him and his Household) himself who guided the nation to support his Grandson Hussein (Peace be upon him) and his blessed Uprising even before it took place in place and time. He made supporting him the mission of the generations to come and an oath which they must fulfill while cursing his killers and those who fail to back him whether those who are late to support rightfulness or those standing neutrally between him and between injustice. True reports say that the Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon him and his Household) once stood in his Holy Mosque and said: “Angel Gabriel (Peace be upon him) told me that my nation will kill my Grandson Hussein on the earth of Karbala. May the curse of Allah be on his killer and his betrayer until the end of time.” When he said so, the mosque square burst with cries and screams of sorrow. The Prophet (Peace be upon him and his Household) told them: “You cry him and you fail to support him? O Allah, be his supporter and backer.”

However, from the position of the predictor and the foreseer of the future of the nation and its statuses, the Prophet (Peace be upon him and His Household) stressed that the sacrifices of Hussein (Peace be upon him) and his great victory will be fervent in living hearts and consciences, saying: “The killing of Hussein (Peace be upon him) has a warmth in the hearts of believers which will never cool down.” And many a time in numerous stages and stances in our Islamic history, this glowing Husseini  warmth yielded abundant sacrifices and confrontations in face of corrupt tyrants to support rightfulness and the values founded by the Master of Martyrs (Peace be upon him). These sacrifices are still for our very day inspiring those moving on his divine track and providing them with support, determination, and insight to confront and crush the legions of the wicked – the Takfiris who have black hearts and dim minds and all those who back them or stand in their line. These are the ones who went too far in distorting the image of our dear Islam in their unprecedented brutality and crimes against Muslims and the innocent and others.

If the uprising of Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him) and his great revolution with its principles and hearty events and morals originally motivate the emotions and sentiments of the free believers to harmonize with it and mark its occasions and revive its rituals in an appropriate presence and participation that grows and develops in quality and quantity in Husseini councils, forums, and squares, no doubt there is a pioneer role for all those who thankfully participate in keeping its glow in the souls and minds – the scholars, authors, preachers, poets, callers, media figures, and artists in the various inventive fields who seek inspiration for their works from the fountain of the blessed Husseini Revolution and its values and express that in modern and advanced means, forms, and fields.

Being keen to keep these creative works pure and credible, we have to highlight that it is the obligation of all individuals, who are thankfully and gratefully exerting all efforts to spread the values and the concepts of the immortal Revolution of Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him) through their various contributions, to commit themselves always to what befits its mission, purity, and glory away from any flaw or repulsive defect in content and form as well as the status of these contributions. They are also required to be precise in reporting facts and in the way of depicting and manifesting them to the public. This is as many await mistakes wherever they are made to shed light on them. Some seek cunning through direct intervention to cause distortion whenever possible as an act of envy or fear of the growth of the developing influence of the Revolution of the Father of the Free – Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him) – in our current time. It is always expected from the reverent scholars and the concerned people who care for the purified Husseini platform and the aspects and means of marking the rituals of Ashura occasions and the related events to perform a greater guiding and controlling role to assist those who are active and those who participate in these blessed fields and rituals – May Allah reward them abundantly in return.

Noor Al-Islam