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A Mobile application to report hate crimes in the United States



A month after announcing a 44 % increase in the hate crimes numbers reported by Muslim Americans last year, the Council on American-Islamic Relations “CAIR” has launched a mobile application that allows victims of hate crimes against Muslims to report their accidents.

They expressed their concern that 260 hate crimes detected last year represent a small fraction of the total actual figure.

The application allows the user to provide a description of an alleged incident that will be investigated by CAIR personnel. If they lead to a conclusion that the incident is a result of religious hatred, then they will report it, and if they find it criminal, they will inform the local police.

The application provides advice on the rights protected by the US Constitution also contains information to contact the headquarters for “CAIR” in Washington and its branches throughout the US.

This is not the first time a US civil rights group has been used to try to monitor hate incidents.


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