For Fortifying the Youth and their Ideology and Conduct



The incessant insistence on targeting Muslims – of both sexes – in their religious ideology and intellectual orientations as well as in their personal and social ways of life – i.e. in their identity as a whole – is not something new or transient. Since the beginning of their military invasions to occupy our Arab and Islamic countries, western colonialists have always exerted industrious efforts to couple these invasions with a focused and intensive cultural conquest. They set plans, provided big capacities, and mustered powers to this effect, and they directed this assault from the very beginning especially on the youth in our societies, and the aim was and is still to strip them from their true religion which Allah Al Mighty approved of to them and to humanity as a whole. That is because the invaders realized that as long as this great religion is the motivator and promoter of the souls of the youth and their minds, this will remain the primary element in the opposition power against the subordination operation and western hegemony on the countries and capacities of Muslims. They launched into intensive work to rob the young Muslim men and ladies from within to empty them from their ideological and cultural content in whatever means possible and under the guise of civilization, development, and modernization.

For this end, they established among the Arabs and Muslims whom they attracted, educational, cultural, and artistic institutions and press agencies besides political organizations and civil bodies. Now with the absence of the required awareness and lack of confrontation, a broad sector consequently appeared in our countries that includes elites who wore the concepts of the western materialistic civilization and cultural and moral values. Moreover, from the very beginning, the western missionary moved in our countries at a parallel track with the secular intellect – even the extreme – with its irreligious and absurd atheist content. That did not cause any contradiction to them as long as the final goal was one.

Now whenever a promising glimpse of Islamic uprightness or awakening based on awareness and understanding of facts would appear with the aim of restoring to Islam its presence and glitter among the youth and the society as a whole, those ambushers waylaying our nation would rush directly or via their proxies to contain and besiege it in whatever way and means possible, so that the field would remain open to them to manipulate the minds of the youth and their lost souls. Simultaneously, they do not spare exploiting any act of corruption or oppression or retardation – of which our communities, administrations and imposed governments are jammed and crowded – to accuse our honorable religion to have a hand in, though it is they who partook in founding and sponsoring such acts and are still to plant doubt in the minds of the youth and to find a gap between these youth and their religion which is the title of this nation and the bases for its awakening. The clearest and most evident example is the catastrophes we are suffering from today and which are afflicted on us by the blind beast of religious extremism and Takfirism and its abominable crimes which are opposed and fought by every honest Muslim, while those who sought to found it, empower it, and exploit it for equivocal aims are the ones who are directing pens and the media as well as the political and social sides while rotate in their orbit to charge Islam of its criminal deeds, with the aim of distorting the bright image of Islam as well as to repel the misguided youth sectors away from it. For this reason, enraged anti-Islamic calls and campaigns to condemn and defame Islam mushroomed remarkably among young men and ladies especially those of limited culture and intellect. That ended up in a growing numbers and groups of them overtly declaring their enmity to Islam and to publicly espousing atheism and absurdism as their ideology. The misleading media outlets no soon snatched this phenomenon and made haste to carry polls and surveys to prove that the fundament of atheism and anti-religiosity is expanding and regenerating in our Islamic countries posing as special examples countries known for being conservative such as Egypt and the Gulf states – which is indeed doubtful and suspicious.

Should we add this lurking ideological danger to the practical and behavioral abandonment of religious values, morals, and religious controls by a vast sector of young people, this must create a strong motive and a great sense of responsibility among those concerned and those who care for guarding Islam and its people and for the welfare of our generations and countries in face of all the elements of deficiency and points of weakness. Consequently, they have to scrutinize these negative points seriously and use all the available intellectual and media means and invest them on the ground where these young people are being targeted and attracted to these destructive orientations, so as to save them and protect them against this lurking danger.

In this perspective, we can’t but back the faithful, repentant, pious young men and ladies – and they have become many, praise be to Allah. In fact, they are among the pioneers who can be trusted to get engaged in this confrontation against injustice and the unjust people while backing rightfulness and the rightful people.

Hereof, and with the approach of the Hajj season and the sacred emotions that accompany the pilgrimage to the Holy Kaaba, we pray to Allah Al Mighty for them to have a comfortable journey, to guard and protect them, and to accept their obedience, and to maintain the welfare, bountifulness, blessing, pride, and faith of our nation and our homelands.

Noor Al-Islam