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Who is the billionaire martyr Eduardo Agnelli? And what’s the truth about his Islam?


Eduardo Agnelli was born in 1373 AH (1954 AD), and belonged to the well-known Italian capitalist family (Agnelli), which established the factories of Fiat Automobile Company more than a hundred years ago, it also owns Ferrari Motor Company’s factories, Helipad production plants and controls a number of banks; construction companies, insurance, clothing, and newspapers, in addition to the famous Juventus sports club.

The revenues of this family in a period of time were estimated at sixty billion dollars annually.

His father, Senator Gianni Agnelli, was the chief of this family and the legal supervisor of most of these companies. As for his mother, she is from the Carlogie family which is of Jewish princes.
Eduardo holds a Ph.D. from Princeton University, Department of Religion and Philosophy, and he managed Juventus Football Club for a short period, which brought him extra fame and special favoritism for his humility and good morals.

His conversion to Islam

When Eduardo Agnelli was studying at a university in New York City, he chose to convert to Islam, influenced by the Book of Almighty God. He took the Qur’an from one of the bookshelves and began reading it. He felt that this book was different from others, and that could not be It a human speech, it is a divine Word and the more he continues to read, the more he will believe in it. He declares his Islam and chooses a name for himself: Hisham Aziz.

Since he was studying religions, he didn’t leave his reading and research, He was greatly influenced by the personality of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) and he chose to be of his loyalists, he believed in the twelve infallibles of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them).

Eduardo faced many problems after his conversion to Islam. His family tried by all means to divert him from his religion. This led to depriving him of his billions of dollars and depriving him of the right to run family-affiliated companies in the event of his father’s death. This was his natural right according to the laws because he is the only male among his father’s children. He was also accused of insanity, taking drugs, and was forced into the mental hospital.

Eduardo didn’t succumb to these pressures. And continued his path, converting many to Islam, and traveled to many countries in the world, and had the opportunity to visit Imam Reza (peace be upon him) in Iran.

He saw his duty to defend Islam and Muslims all over the world, especially Italy, where he still has some prestige despite his Islam. He defended Islam practically by participating in television seminars and press interviews, and also rescued some Muslims from prison and defended them in courts.

Eduardo had a deep faith in his religion, loved the Koran very much, read it at night, studied it in the daytime with his friends by reading explanations, reflecting on the meaning of the verses, seeking insight from his religion, and striving to be credible to hold on to the greater weight. He loved to study Arabic, and wished to study religious sciences in the scientific estates. However, death didn’t allow him to fulfill these two wishes.

His death

On 15 November 1420, Eduardo’s body was found under the Franco Romano Bridge in Italy in a questionable mystery accident, he was buried in the family cemetery in the village of Villar Rosa at a Christian ceremony!

His friends reported that he had told them that the Jews would kill him to get rid of him, because they saw him as a danger, especially if days allow him to take over the leadership of the Agnelli family. This is reinforced by the fact that the Fiat Board selected Eduardo’s nephew, born of a Jewish father, to run the company, who would be an automatic candidate to oversee all companies after his grandfather’s death and to manage the company’s funds.